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Zabbix 1.8网络监控「电子书」

Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring

ISBN-13 书号:9781847197689
Author 作者:Olups, Richards
Format 版本:1
出版社:Packt Publishing
Publication Date 出版日期:2010-03-31
Product Dimensions 商品尺寸:150x120X20mm
Shipping Weight 商品重量:0.01kg
Shipping Weight Language 语种:英语
pages 页数:428

This is a hand-on step-by-step book in a tutorial style. All configuration steps that are required to reach goals are explained in detail that should leave no reader stuck. Exact commands are provided for setting up and testing the configuration and screenshots of the user interface allow you to be sure that you are using the correct interface section. The author's experience with Zabbix enables him to share insights on using Zabbix effectively, in a clear and friendly way. This book assumes no experience with Zabbix and minimal experience with Linux. Knowledge provided by this book, will be useful if: you are responsible for managing in-house IT infrastructure such as network hardware, servers, and web pages,you are responsible for managing non-IT infrastructure that provides data such as temperature, flow, and other readings,you have clients with strict accessibility requirements and want to monitor hardware that provides services to them,you are a system administrator who wants to monitor the network hardware,servers, and web performance.

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